A Detailed Messenger Comparison

Feature Telegram Viber WhatsApp
General Business Model
Company Telegram FZ LLC Rakuten, Inc. Meta (Facebook)
Type Not-for-profit Commercial Commercial
Funding Source Privacy-conscious ad platform or Telegram Premium subscriptions; Pavel Durov Ads, paid features (stickers, local numbers, Viber Out) Advertising and subscriptions
General Openness
Idea Freedom of secured and private communication available for everyone "The most secure messenger." Backups are not encrypted. "Privacy and security – is in our DNA" Vulnerabilities, data leaks were discovered.
Privacy Policy Clear and transparent Of mediocre complexity Complicated enough
Disclosing User Data To Third Parties Absent (terrorists' phones numbers and IP-addresses can be potentially disclosed) Possible, to partners in particular To Facebook and related companies
Documentation Open and detailed Open and detailed (development of new apps is impossible) Almost absent
Collaboration with Community Crowdsourcing and contests In scope of a separate initiative
Press Requests Via @PressBot Via press@fb.com
Apps Open-sourced, with a possibility to verify the source code in use Closed Closed
Server Side Closed Closed Closed
Encryption Protocol Self-developed open MTProto Semi-closed proprietary protocol (some documentation is available) Open Signal (closed-source app doesn't allow to verify implementation)
General Audience
Number of Active Users 700 millions 260 millions 2000 millions
General Support
FAQ and User Guides Basic and technical Detailed information on support website Structured FAQ with instructions
Blog Simple, descriptive, interesting blog that describes all updates and is well integrated with apps Available, provides only selective or marketing info Available, though is updated rarely and provides almost no info about the updates
Showcasing Features Integrated via animations on Telegram Tips channel and on the blog Limited, via support website, blog Limited, via FAQ, blog
Support Model Volunteer support (TSF) Commercial support Commercial support
General Fight Against Violations
Spam Control Available, with support for labels (there are issues with spam in large groups/channels) In particular via message requests box (companies' spam, ads and redundant notifications are still received) Available
Illegal/Criminal Content It's blocked, but with delays Is blocked Is blocked
General Contacting Users
Via Phone number, username, groups and location (turned off by default) Phone number, communities Phone number
Architecture Type of
Infrastructure Cloud-based and distributed with servers all around the world and support for encrypted CDN-caching of media Hybrid (solely for message delivery) Hybrid (solely for message delivery)
Architecture Non-Functional Specifications
Message Sending Speed ≈ 150 milliseconds ≈ 900 milliseconds ≈ 550 milliseconds
Amount of Traffic Needed to Send a Message Minimal Average Average
Scale of Search and Access to Content Millions of messages Thousands of messages Thousands of messages
Fault Tolerance and Reliability High Average Average
Architecture Sync
Type Cloud-based and instantaneous 1 primary device (phone/tablet) and a few secondary devices (tablets/PCs), which sync with the primary device 1 phone and 1 PC connected to it
Number of Devices Unlimited One primary device and a few secondary ones 2
Content for Sync All chats' data, settings Chats data (one-time only), communities Chats data (one-time only)
Content Download Dynamic, in real-time, on demand One-time server delivery One-time server delivery
Architecture Backup
Type Cloud-based and automated Manual, on schedule via Google Drive/Apple iCloud for mobile devices only Manual, on schedule both locally and via Google Drive/Apple iCloud
Backup Contents All of the data, except secret chats, including: chats, messages, settings, media and files Text messages, media and account data Text messages and media
Recovery Unlimited Only to a phone with the same OS Manual, migration is limited to certain devices only
Data Retention Period Unlimited, but incase your acccount was inactive during 6 months (by default), its data will be deleted Until a new backup overwrites the old data and depending on Google Drive/Apple iCloud policy Temporary and until overwriting, Google Drive backups older than one year are lost
Internal Storage Only for downloaded content Saves all content Saves all content and full local backups
Architecture Security
In-Transit Data Encryption End-to-end (secret chats), client-server (cloud chats) Theoretically end-to-end encryption (implementation cannot be verified) Тheoretically end-to-end encryption via Signal (implementation cannot be verified)
Encryption of Server-Stored Data Supported (cloud chats only are saved) Google/Apple backups are not encrypted Encryption of Google/Apple backups is possible
Location of The Encryption Key For Stored Data Split across different jurisdictions
Results of The Latest Encryption Contest No winners identified ($300 000 bounty)
Encryption Protocol Meets IND-CCA Yes
Perfect Forward Secrecy Підтримується Підтримується Підтримується
Notifications About 2FA Settings Changes Supported
Architecture Blocking Bypass
Via Integrated Mechanisms Present
Proxy Support Present Present
Extended Tools with Support for Encryption MTProto Proxy Shadowsocks, GoQuiet, Cloak
Architecture Apps
Supported OS Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, Wear OS, watchOS Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, Wear OS, watchOS Android, iOS, Windows, macOS
Availability of Web-version Two standalone, lightweight and adaptive web clients Available (as an addition to the mobile app)
Availability of Portable-Version Available
Tight Binding to Mobile Clients Absent Present Present
Support for Data Import Importing chats and groups from WhatsApp, Line, KakaoTalk (message sending dates are preserved)
Support for Data Export Flexible export from Telegram Desktop into JSON/HTML Limited sending of chat history to email and personal data export in Viber Limited sending of individual chats' history to email or export to local storage
Support for Multiple Accounts Available (3 without subscription, 4 with Premium)
Alternative Clients Present WhatsApp for Business (despite marketing features it creates excessive fragmentation)
Messages Supported Content
Text With combined formatting support (spoilers, bold, monospace, italics, underlined, strikethrough font) With combined formatting support (bold, monospace, italics, strikethrough font) With formatting support (bold, monospace, italics, strikethrough font)
Hyperlinks Supported Text is not supported Text is not supported
Hashtags Supported
Web Content As interactive link previews Limited support (YouTube and data from available extensions) Not supported (link previews only)
Convenient Web Pages Viewing Via Instant View
User Mentions Supported Supported Supported
Message Replies Supported Supported Supported
Message Forwarding With flexible options and preserved replies Supported Supported (1 chat at a time)
Emoji In particular, custom (Premium), animated ones, with extra features: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Supported Supported
Stickers Thousands of free, cloud sets of static, animated and video stickers; extra ones in Premium subscription Paid and free stickers, some of them support sound; memoji (iOS) A few standard sets and limited support via third-party applications, in particular for animated stickers
"AR-Lenses" Via Snap integration
Animations Supported Supported Supported
Images Supported Supported Supported
Images without Quality Loss Supported (as images in form of files) Limited support (as files) Supported (as document)
Video Supported Supported Supported (up to 0.016 GB)
Images/Video Albums Up to 10 elements per album Supported
Temporary/Secret Images or Video Supported Supported Via View Once, with screenshot blocking
Drawings/Inscriptions On images and videos On images and background On images and videos
Audio Supported Not supported (only as files) Supported
Documents Supported Supported Supported
Files Up to 2 GB (4 GB in Premium) with no limits on number of files Up to 0.2 GB Media up to 0.016 GB, files up to 2 GB
File Collections Up to 10 elements per message, for instance, playlists
Contacts VCARD with support for all fields Limited support VCARD with support for all fields
Location and Places Particularly in real-time with viewing mutual location, transit times and notifications Supported Particularly in real-time with viewing mutual location
Polls Yes (anonymous/non-anonymous, with multiple answers, quizzes) Yes (up to 4 choices, quiz mode)
Voice Messages Supported Supported (up to 15 minutes) Supported
Video Messages Supported (up to 60 seconds), with support rewind and zoom Supported (up to 20 seconds)
Comments Yes Yes
Message Reactions Synchronized, with settings and animations support (opt-in for groups and channels); extra reactions with Premium Yes Yes
Bots/Extensions Content Various kinds of keyboards, decorations and dynamic messages in different types of chats Various kinds of keyboards, extensions and their decorations Menu buttons and extra content in business chats
Finance In any chats via one of payment providers and with support for tipping, via @wallet bot Via Viber Pay, Moneytou extension (~1% commision), Apple Pay/Google Pay By using Facebook Pay, Indian UPI
Goods From Catalogs As content of bots or their invoices Via catalogs in WhatsApp Business
Content Combinations Supported Limited support Supported
Messages Sending
Bulk Media/File Sending Supported Images Limited number of images
Bulk Copying Up to 100 messages at a time Up to 10 messages at a time
Bulk Forwarding Up to 100 messages at a time to different recipients Up to 25 messages to different recipients Up to 10 messages at a time
Bulk Sharing Supported on Android (sending external content to several chats at a time)
Scheduled Message Sending Available (particularly sending when online), with scheduled messages viewing and controlling For certain types of chats and messages
Silent Message Sending Supported
Cancelling Sending on Slow Connections Supported
Cloud Drafts Supported, unfinished messages could be continued and sent from any device Local drafts only
Built-in Cloud Storage File Sending Supported (on iOS)
“Raise to Speak” (to Record Voice Messages) Supported
Quick Replies By swiping message By swiping message By swiping message
Sending Stickers That Aren't Included In Your Sets Supported
Messages Editing
Messages Text Supported Supported
Replacing Media/Files Supported
Correction of Sent Images Supported
Cropping/Rotating/Tilting Images Supported Cropping/rotating only
Drawing on Media With high precision Supported On images only
Adding Masks, Stickers, Text To images and videos To images and videos Only to images (text and emoji)
Adding Animated Stickers To images and videos
Media Correction For images and videos
Skin Softening For selfies
Image Filters Via bots Supported
Image Blurring Supported
Curves Tool For images and videos
Trimming Videos and Video Messages Supported Videos only
Cropping and Rotating Videos Supported
Video Resolution Supported
Muting Supported
Creation of Animations As muted videos Supported (with different modes)
Messages Deletion
Bulk Deletion Up to 100 messages at a time Supported Supported
Deleting Messages Any private messages, own messages in groups Own private messages (with notification about deletion) Own private messages (during 1 hour with notification about deletion)
Deleting Messages By Date In one-on-one chats, with support for date range
Self-Destruction of Sent Photos/Videos Supported (destruction in range from 1 s to 1 min after a message is viewed) Via ViewOnce, without configuration
Deleting The Cache of Separate Messages Supported (iOS) Not supported (architectural limitations) Not supported (architectural limitations)
Messages Viewing
Media All kinds All kinds All kinds
Web Content YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud... YouTube
Streaming of Media and web content Media and YouTube
Picture-in-Picture For videos, video messages and web content (Android, iOS, Desktop) YouTube
Scaling of Images and videos Images Images
Rotation Of Images and videos (Telegram Desktop)
Background Playback of Music and voice messages
Music Player Available, changing playback sequence, support for various formats (MP3, FLAC)... Limited playback
Changing Playback Speed For video, audio, voice and video messages For voice messages
Video Rewind Available, with support for thumbnail previews and timestamps
Remembering Playback Positions For long audio (podcasts, audiobooks), video and voice messages
Autoplaying of Animations and Videos Supported (unmuting with volume buttons) Supported
Stickers and Sticker Packs Preview Supported Stickers Only
Animations Preview Supported
“Raise to Listen” (to Listen to Voice Messages) Supported (including video messages) Supported Supported
Message Info Exact time of sending and editing, status of sending/reading Status of sending/reading Exact time and status of sending, viewing, reading
Message Translation Opt-in, with extra settings (the text is sent to the third-party) Supported (the text is sent to the third-party) Not supported
Voice Messages Transcription With Premium (the message is sent to the third-party) Not supported Not supported
Favorite Messages/Content Via sending to Saved Messages, or adding animations/stickers to favorites Via extension Supported
Viewing the Origin of Reply/Forwarded Message Supported Supported Supported
Communication Methods General Capabilities
Saving Content to Cloud Unlimited by volume and storage period
Chats' Structuring: Concept Creation of folders (tabs) with instant cloud sync across all your devices Creation of communities managed by admins and consisting of groups
Chats' Structuring: Filtering Filtering inclusions (by chat type, individual chats), exclusions (of muted, read, archived chats or individual chats)
Chats' Structuring: Limitations Up to 10 folders with up to 100 chats per each (20 folders, 200 chats in Premium)
Chats' Structuring: Other Features Creation of quick folders, syncing the sequence of folders/chats, support for keyboard shortcuts, icons (Telegram Desktop); Premium: changing default folder, auto archiving and muting Announcement messages in communities
Operations with Multiple Chats Simultaneously Pinning/unpinning, (un)archiving, deleting, clearing history, cache, marking as read/unread, enabling/disabling notifications, adding/removing from folder
Clearing/Deleting Data For All Members Of chats, groups and call history
Preview Of Your accounts; chats, users
Chat Video Avatars Supported
Viewing Content By Media Types Flexible access to: media, files, links, audio, voice messages, GIF By such categories as: media, links, files, GIF Partially supported, other than that goods catalogs are available in WhatsApp Business
Filtering Media Types By Sender Supported (on global search) Supported (on the chat level)
Pinning Messages In particular several ones with an option to view all Supported (one message)
Auto-Delete Messages After an arbitrary duration After 10 s, 30s, 1 min, 1 hour (mobile devices only) After 24 hours, 7 or 90 days with support for a default setting
Pinning Chats Up to 5 chats (10 in Premium), unlimited number in archive, folders Supported Supported
Hiding Chats By archiving and setting pass lock or via folders Only on mobile devices, it's impossible to restore hidden chats on desktop/tablet By archiving
Snoozing Chats Via archiving with notifications muting Supported
Filtering Unknown Chats Automatic
Viewing Groups in Common with Contact Supported Supported
Adding Contacts with Unknown Number Supported
Adding Contacts to Multiple Chats At A Time Supported (for up to 10 groups on Android)
Marking as Read/Unread Supported (for chats) Supported (for chats) Supported (for chats)
Marking An Archive as Read Supported (for all its chats) Archive is not supported
Clearing Chat Cache Supported
Remembering Chats' Positions Supported Partially (until the app is reopened)
Notification Control for Individual Chats Custom sounds, temporary/permanent muting, system settings, icon counter... Settings limited to OS (starting from Android 8.0), temporary muting Temporary/permanent muting
Downloads Manager Supported
Communication Methods Saved Messages
Purpose Cloud access to your personal data from any devices My Notes: message saving and sync, creation of lists
Quick Jump to Forwarded Message Source Supported Supported
Sending Reminders Supported, via scheduled messages With support for repetitions Via paid integration with Any.do service
Marking Messages Done Supported
Communication Methods Personal Chats
Communication with Contacts Supported Supported Supported
Communication with Public Accounts As with user (via username, location), via bots (e.g., feedback bots) Supported Supported (via WhatsApp for Business)
Additional Security Features In scope of secret chats Screenshot notifications
Gifting Premium Subscriptions Supported (for 3, 6 or 12 months) Subscriptions are absent Subscriptions are absent
Communication Methods Secret Chats
Secured Chats with Contacts Supported Support for such separate chats' type has been ended Not supported, all chats use end-to-end encryption with possibility to collate digital or QR-codes, but backup encryption is optional
End-to-End Encryption Supported (MTProto) Supported (Unknown)
Notifications' Contents Hidden (from lockscreen) Shown (on lockscreen)
Screenshots Blocked Are being notified
Copying/Forwarding of Info Outside Blocked Available
Message Self-Destruction Timer 1 s - 1 week 10 s, 30 s, 1 min, 1 h
Security Check Via comparison of encryption key Not supported
Support for Bots/Extensions Supported
Backups Unavailable Available
Communication Methods Business Chats
Interaction with Businesses Via bots, channels Via chatbots (Ukraine-only) Via chats with WhatsApp Business accounts
Company Profile As description of a bot, channel or as their contents As chatbot description As a separate page with details
Goods Catalogs Via channels with invoice messages and merchant bots Supported
A Cart of Goods Supported
Buying Goods Via Telegram Bot Payments API Via Bot Payments API (Ukraine-only) Supported
Adaptability To Business Needs High (full control in scope of Telegram Bot API) Low Average (limited by WhatsApp Business API)
Communication Methods Groups
Organized Through Groups; Broadcast Groups Groups; Communities Groups
Maximum Number of Participants Groups - 200 000;
Broadcast Groups - unlimited (only admins can send messages)
Groups – 250;
Communities – unlimited
Encryption Supported (MTProto in cloud mode) Groups support encryption, communities use SSL Supported (backup encryption is optional)
Info Editing Changing group name, photo and description Changing name and photo, communities also support description Changing group name, photo and description
History Visibility for New Members Is controlled Visible only in communities Invisible
Access Method Private and public groups Private/public communities, private groups Private groups
Public Groups Access via open link, request; search by name Access to communities via link/edited screenshot, search for verified communities by name, badges support
Private Groups Access via closed link Access to groups/communities via closed link, only on mobile devices Access via closed link
Extended Invite Links With support for naming, join requests and limits on duration/number of uses
Protected Content Supported
Location-Based Groups Supported (as public groups with an option to search them according to your location).
Posting On Behalf Of A Channel Supported, in public groups
Receiving Private Messages Supported (phone numbers of new people are hidden) Supported in communities (phone numbers of new people are hidden), it's possible to prohibit this
Manual Adding to Groups Supported Supported, particularly without having a phone number Supported
Unified Message History Yes, changes are synced in real-time Communities only, with limited sync
Slow Mode Supported (sending not more than one message per chosen time interval)
Changing Owner Supported
Admin Titles Supported (changing titles in admin messages)
Choosing and Controlling Admins Atomic rights on: changing group info, moderation, deleting messages, blocking/unblocking users, link invites, pinning messages, adding/removing admins, anonymous message sending, managing video chats Group admins: adding/removing admins, users
Communities admins: adding/removing/blocking members, pinning messages, moderation, deleting messages
Communities superadmins other than that have: rights to change group info, elevating/decreasing rights, changing background for members, access to admins' contact data
Rights to change group info, adding/removing users/admins, inviting by links
Viewing Action History Within last 48 hours
General Statistics Detailed integrated stats, extended statistics via bots Through Community Insights tools
Individual Messages' Statistics Detailed, but only for channels For communities only
Users' Permissions Control Atomic rights on: sending messages, media, stickers and GIF, polls, text links, adding users, pinning messages, changing group info Rights to: send messages (atomic control by community superadmins) Sending messages, changing group info
Adding Exceptions for Individual Users Supported, including temporary exceptions Limited support Limited support
Official Sticker Packs In groups starting from 100 people
Sponsor Sticker Packs Absent Present, installing sticker pack joins to community, stickers serve as a links to community Absent
User Mentions Supported Supported Supported
Reply Chains (Threads) Supported
Writing Messages by New Users Supported by default Not supported for communities by default Supported by default
Message Read Receipts For Individual Users In small groups (information is stored for 7 days) Groups only (communities are not supported)
Silent Group Leaving Only admins get notifications
Collections of Favorites Via a set of pinned messages, viewing by media types or filtering by hashtags Supported for communities
Smart Notifications Supported (not more often than m times per n minutes) Supported (additional configuration is impossible)
Extending Capabilities Unlimited, by using bots, including moderation and automation
Communication Methods Sending List
To Send Messages to Several Recipients Implemented via channels, groups or one-time sending Supported (up to 50 recipients) Supported
Communication Methods Information Broadcasting (Mass Media)
Via Channels; Broadcast Groups Channels; Communities; Business Inbox; Public Accounts
Number of Subscribers Unlimited Unlimited
Encryption Supported (MTProto in cloud mode) SSL (Communities)
Editing Info Changing name, photo and description of channel Changing name, photo and description of community
Common Posts History Yes, changes are synced in real-time Yes
Viewing Action History Within last 48 hours
Access Method Private and public channels Private and public communities, channels
Public Access by public link, search by name Access to public accounts by link, to communities by link/edited screenshot, searching verified ones by name, badges support
Private Access via private link Access via private link, only on mobile devices
Extended Invite Links With support for naming, request approvals and limits on duration/number of uses
Protected Content Supported
Manual Adding of Subscribers Supported Supported
Info About Message Authors Hidden, sending from the channel name with optional admin signatures Shown
Changing Owner Supported
Choosing and Controlling Admins Atomic rights on: changing channel info, posting messages, editing and deleting others' messages, inviting users by link, adding admins, managing video chats Similar to group category
Users Blacklist Supported Supported (via blocking)
Silent Sending Supported
Quick Muting Supported
Views Counter Supported
Comfy Messages Sharing Supported (choosing/searching recipients, commenting)
Favorites Collections Via a set of pinned messages, viewing by media types or filtering by hashtags Supported
Community Highlights Highlights in channels, discussions in groups Supported for communities and channels
Discussions and Comments Built-in comments based on discussion groups, or comments via bots (@discussbot, @commentsbot) Built-in comments in channels
Presence of Advertising From the privacy-conscious ad platform and channel owners Other than communities, ads are received in form of business messages and emails from Viber (if you connected your email address)
Sponsored Channels For financial help to MTProto Proxy authors Proxy infrastructure is missing
Sponsored Sticker Packs Absent Present (installing sticker pack joins you to community, stickers serve as links to community Absent
General Statistics Detailed integrated stats, extended statistics via bots Via Community & Channel Insights tools
Individual Posts' Statistics Detailed integrated stats Supported (views, shares, link clicks)
Feedback Via bots, separate chats Via public accounts
Browsing Contents Supported (public channels could be read from browser) Supported (communities)
Extending Capabilities Unlimited (via bots)
Use Cases Blogs, educational, entertainment, news channels, structuring your own info, monetization… Limited sending of news, media, monetization
Communication Methods Extensions
Access to Web Content Implemented using bots with support for inline-mode Supported
Examples of Available Web Services Bing Image Search, Tenor, IMDb, YouTube, Wikipedia, Spotify, Gmail, Foursquare, Guggy, Vlipsy, GIPHY… YouTube, Tenor, GIPHY, Guggy, Gfycat, FC Barcelona, TuneMoji, Vlipsy, Vice, Booking…
Communication Methods Bots
Main Concept Messenger integration with any services, performing the whole diversity of tasks within Telegram Chatbots for business optimization and user support during interaction with public accounts
Implementation Special Telegram accounts without phone number that are controlled by applications and answer or refer to users within Bot API capabilities and developers' fantasy Applications that answer to users via Viber API, offering in particular various business offers and relevant info
Bot Attributes Name, photo, description, address and explanatory message Public account level parameters (brand, description, location and CTA-buttons)
Creation Limitations Almost absent All requirements to bots and requirements to public account
Supported Content Types All (supported by Telegram), in particular, location and phone number, polls Text, image, video, contact, URL, carousels, graphics and location
Possibility of Monetization Supported On public accounts level
Chat-Mode Communication Yes, by utilizing messages, commands and keyboards Yes, with help of messages and flexible keyboards
Inline-Mode Communication Supported (sending requests and getting responses on-the-fly) Limited implemenation via extensions
Interaction with Bot Messages Via inline keyboards with support to update dynamic messages content Limited support (via buttons)
Web UI Integration With unlimited capabilities
Handling Community Join Requests Supported
Context-dependent Logic Based on UI languages, user/chat types
Adding Bots to Other Chats Supported (to groups/channels)
Stopping Bots Supported At the level of public accounts via unsubscribing
Permission to Speak Supported (to send notifications)
Private Mode In Groups Supported
Deep Linking Supported Supported (oriented at public chats)
Quick Web-Authorization Supported ( via links)
Creation of Bots Via bot @BotFather and Bot API Via Viber REST API
Use Cases Recieving news, information, notifications, buying services and goods, creation of new tools, games, social services, UX optimization (IV, link previews), learning, automation, feedback, authorization, quizzes, donations and a lot more Recieving news, information, ads, communication to public account, support
Communication Methods Media Status
Destination Via profile settings, channels, bots and without 24 hours limit Creation of personalized status
Types of Supported Content Text and media with support for editing, which are available within 24 hours after sending
Capabilities Viewing contacts' status, preparing replies and forwarding
Muting Notifications Supported (for individual contacts)
Privacy Settings Supported
Communication Methods 1-on-1 Calls
Types of Connection Audio, video Audio, video Audio, video
Connection Quality High High High
Connection Stability Average High High
Encryption Supported (MTProto in secret mode) Supported (unknown implemention) Supported (theoretically Signal)
Peer-to-Peer Mode Supported Supported
Quick Encryption Security Check By comparing 4 emoji Not supported (only through cumbersome code)
Picture-In-Picture Mode For video calls For video calls For video calls
Flipping Cameras Yes, on phones Yes, on phones Yes, on phones
Inidication of Interlocutor Online Availability Via different kinds of tones
Accepting/Rejecting Cellular Calls During The Call Supported Supported Supported
Quick Text Replies Supported (with possibility to change default replies) Supported (without possibility to change replies) Supported (without possibility to change replies)
Ads Absent After calls Absent
Transferring The Call to Device To phone/PC
Screen Sharing Supported Supported (on Viber Desktop)
Cellular Calls Not supported (they contradict the philosophy and security approach) Via paid Viber Out Not supported
Communication Methods Conference Calls
Types of Connection Audio, video Audio, video Audio, video
Number of Participants Unlimited, video broadcasting from the first 30 members Up to 40 participants Up to 8/32 (video/audio) participants (mobile devices and Facebook Portal)
Organized As Video chats/live streams available from groups and channels Calls from groups, or extension of 1:1 calls Calls from groups, extension of 1:1 calls, or as separate group calls
Encryption Supported (theoretically Signal)
Controlling Number of Speakers Via flexible admin tools
Joining On Behalf of Community Supported, on behalf of one of own channels or current group
Quick Access Widget Supported (Android)
Push-to-Talk Supported, with custom hotkey support
"Raising Hand" Supported
Screen Sharing Supported, with an option to share individual windows on desktop Supported (on Viber Desktop)
RTMP Streaming Supported (particularly via OBS Studio)
Recording Conferences Supported, with recording indication
Quick Invitation of Participants Via links for speakers or listeners
Conference Titles Supported (as video chat names)
Scheduling Conferences With countdown and notifications
Pinning Individual Participant's Video Supported Supported
Flexible Video Grid For tablets and PCs
Correction Of Individual Members' Volume Level Supported, including changes for everyone in cloud mode
Disabling Noise Suppression Supported
Ads Absent After calls Absent
Search New Content
Via Integrated means (GIF, stickers), bots or independent websites Discover
Search Messages
By Text Supported Supported Supported
By Hashtags Including multiple hashtags
By File Names Supported
By Links Preview Text Supported
Filtering By Date Supported
Filtering By Sender Supported
On The Web Supported (for actively forwarded message contents)
Search Chats/Contacts
By Names Supported Supported Supported
Search Global Search
Of Data Supported (messages, bots, users, sticker packs, channels…) Local device only (except for verified communities) Local device only
Filtering By date, chat or combined
Viewing By Categories Chats, media, links, files, music, voice messages
Search Attachments
By Names Supported (for files and audio)
Search Emoji
By Name Supported
By Keyword Supported (by words added to localization platform) Supported
Search Stickers
By Keyword Supported Limited support
By Emoji Supported Supported
Search Images
By Requests Supported (via bots in particular) Supported (via extensions)
Search Backgrounds
By Requests Supported
Search Animations
By Requests Supported (via bots in particular) Supported (via extensions) Supported
Via Popular Emoji Supported Using extension with search by key tags
Search Places on Map
By Requests Supported Supported (via extensions) Supported
Search Web Content
By Requests Supported via bots Supported via extensions
Search Settings
By Names Supported
Notification Exceptions In Settings Supported
Search In FAQ
By Questions/Answers Supported
User Experience Apps Implementation
Simplicity of Apps Simple Of average complexity Simple
Forethought of UI, Controls and Animations High Low Average
Innovations Support and Integration with OS High Average Average
A Number of Bugs High Low Low
User Experience Controls
Keyboard Shortcuts and Mouse Actions Extended support Average support Average support
QR-codes For invite links, sharing proxies (on macOS), authorization (Telegram Desktop), with theming support Used to add friends, joining to groups, adding coupons, authorization Used for encryption keys' collation, group invitations, adding contacts, reaching out to businesses
Quick Transitions To the beginning of chat list, to last message, mention or date in the chat, to recent chats Limited support Limited support
Quick Selection of Messages Supported
Quick Selection of Chats On iOS
Quick Viewing of Unread Posts For channels by folder priority
Quick Access To Trending Stickers Supported
Changing The Recipient of Forwarding Messages Supported
Choosing Action On Chat Swipe Supported (changing folder, archiving, deleting, pinning, marking as read, muting)
Undo Clearing History and Deleting Chats Supported, within 5 seconds (Android, iOS)
Undo Deleting Messages For messages deleted for yourself (Desktop)
Quick Video Playback in Full-Screen Mode Via screen rotation
Accurate Fast-forwarding/Rewinding Of audio and video
Viewing All Artist's Soundtracks Supported
Home Screen Widgets Supported Supported
Quick Greeting Stickers Supported Supported
Scaling in Media Editor For drawing
Quick Image Zooming Via pinch-to-zoom
User Experience User Interface
Personalization of Individual Chats Changing themes for personal chats Changing backgrounds
Extended Backgrounds Configuration Supported (patterns, their intensity, blur, motion, animations)
Themes Support Supported, in particular, custom, cloud themes, global themes Dark and dark-blue theme only Dark theme only
Night Mode Support With deep integration and support for quick activation via switch
Transition to Night Mode On schedule, with sunrise/sunset or according to light sensor measurements Supported (according to system settings)
Indication of Active Call Participants Supported (with volume level visualisation)
Configuring Message Bubbles Appearance Supported
Compact Window Mode on Desktop Supported, Telegram Desktop has highly adaptive UI
Implementation of Delivery Status Labels 1 check – message was delivered to cloud and notification was sent to recipient;
2 checks – message was read by recipient.
Delivery to a device is not indicated, because Telegram can work on unlimited number of devices
1 check – message is being sent;
2 checks – message was delivered to recipient's phone;
2 highlighted checks – recipient has read the message
1 check – message was sent;
2 checks – message was delivered to recipient's phone;
2 highlighted checks – recipient has read the message.
FAQ App Integration Via displaying in Instant View Via opening a web-page Via opening a web-page
Birthday Reminders Extra data isn't collected Supported, with privacy settings configuration Extra data isn't collected
Sorting Contacts By name or by last seen By name By name
Sorting Files To Be Attached By name or changing date (including music) By name By name
VoiceOver, TalkBack Supported
Ecosystem Application Development
Tools Universal, powerful Telegram API and TDLib
Ecosystem Bot Platform
Development Capabilities Access to Bot API via detailed REST interface and libraries for most popular platforms Access to Viber API via REST interface and NodeJS Bot API, Python Bot API
Payments Support Via Bot Payments API Via Apple Pay, Google Pay
Bot API on Own Servers Supported (as an alternative to api.telegram.org)
Bot Ownership Transfer Via @BotFather bot
Integration with CRM Via bots Within public accounts
Integration with New Platforms Unlimited Limited to business area and public accounts
News/Discussions About Bot API @BotNews channel, @BotTalk group
Ecosystem Stickers/Emoji Platform
Implementation Via Bot API in form of @stickers bot with possibility to sync packs across all your devices Via commercial store with manual stickers transfer Limited stickers support through third-party apps (there is also available a set of standard packs)
Approach Open and free platform with optional paid features Semi-closed and commercial platform
Free Capabilities Creation, managing and sharing all types of sticker sets, custom emoji as well as viewing their statistics Creation, managing and sharing your own stickers
Paid Capabilities Sending custom emoji and premium stickers (Premium) Buying and downloading sticker sets
Mechanisms of Sets Creation Via the bot or API for developers Via built-in interface
Contests to Create Packs Present
Ecosystem Gaming Platform
Implementation Via Bot API in form of bots like @gamee Via GAMEE or Games extension
Extra Resources Usage Almost absent, games – are HTML5 content provided by bots Almost absent, games – are HTML5 content provided by extensions
Contests Supported (through sharing games in chats and setting the records) Limited support via sending records manually
Ecosystem "Shorts" Platform
Concept Theoretical support for short chat-stories via Bot API Publishing, access and reading short stories represented as chats
Ecosystem Instant View Platform
Concept Quick and handy reading of articles from Telegram mobile apps
Implementation Construction of optimized for mobile devices web pages through sets of templates on Telegram servers
Main Advantages Speed, network traffic economy, caching, configuring appearance, no ads, convenient translation, simple adoption by developers and support by thousands of websites
Ecosystem Comments Platform
Concept A web service for convenient commenting with possibility to add comments to both Telegram channels and external websites
Implementation Via comments.app website and @discussbot with authorization via Telegram
Sync With Built-In Comments Supported
Main Capabilities Comments with text and photos, likes, dislikes, replies, subscription to notifications
Ecosystem Quizzes Platform
Concept Creation, editing, discovery and participation in global quizzes
Implementation Combining a set of polls with correct answers into quizzes with support for spreading via bot
Interaction Via @quizbot, quiz.directory website, groups, channels
Main Features Global stats, explanations, timers, question shuffling
Extensions Aside from using @quizbot, it's also possible to create similar bots via Bot API
Ecosystem Web Publishing Platform
Implementation Creating of articles with support for media and web content via minimalistic website telegra.ph
Controlling And Binding Own Articles Via Telegraph API for Logins and Stats
Viewing Statistics Supported
Availability Integration with other services via open API as well as independent usage is possible
Instant View Supported
Ecosystem Video Messages Platform
Implementation Viewing video messages of public communities via telesco.pe website
Login via Messenger Account Is not required
Ecosystem IFTTT Integration
Via Bot @IFTTT
Capabilities Automated two-way connection of Telegram with more than 360 services (Instagram, Dropbox, Philips Hue…) by utilizing IFTTT applets
Creation of Own Applets Supported
Ecosystem Web Authorization
Via Telegram Login for Websites widget and extended capabilities of Bot API and authorization bots
Opportunities Signing up and login on websites using Telegram account
Ecosystem Identity Confirmation
Via Platform Telegram Passport
Based On Personal info and such documents as passport, identity code, driving license, translated documents…
Protection Mechanisms End-to-end encryption inside Telegram cloud with access via Telegram account password
Verification Via Third-party Services Providers Supported, there's no need to give target resource a direct access to documents on each authorization
Prospects Integration with blockchain platforms and financial systems to ensure operations safety
Ecosystem Localization Platform
Concept Collective creation and improvement of UI translations with committing own proposals and voting
Updating Approved Changes In real-time via Telegram cloud
Installing Languages Via links and localization files
Adding Keywords Supported, it's possible to add keywords in any language to search emoji and stickers
Ecosystem Personalization Platform
Concept Creation, configuration, editing, searching and sharing artwork with others
Via Apps and website
Creation and Sharing Themes Supported (contest results are posted on official channels for desktop, android)
Creation and Sharing of Backgrounds Supported (it's possible to share and quickly set chat background)
Ways of Sharing Local files or links (with support for cloud sync and cross-platform access)
Ecosystem Bugs and Suggestions Platform
Concept Working with cards that describe fixes and suggestions to implement in Telegram apps
Via Website
Significance Community-driven definition of Telegram's direction of evolution and development
Main Capabilities Creation, tracking, voting, commenting and subscription to the messenger's notifications
Ecosystem Contests Platform
  1. Improvement and development of Telegram and its ecosystem via handpicking the best results and awarding the winners using crowdsourcing approach;
  2. Job offers for the cream of the crop mavens.
Implementation Discussing, assessing works and showing winners via contest.com website
Informing About Contests' Details Via official channels: Telegram Contests, Telegram Designers, Aptitude Test Contest
Submission of Works and Applications Via bots @contestbot, @jobs_bot, @design_bot
Questions and Discussions Through website and groups for discussions Telegram Contests, Telegram Contests (RU)
Ensuring Unbiased Assessment Owing to anonymous results representation
Ecosystem Links to Access to
Users (Via Username) Supported
Users (Via phone number) Supported Supported (with possibility to type text messages)
Communities To public/private channels and groups Only to communities Only to private groups
Conferences To video chats as a speaker or listener
Bots Supported Supported
Messages Supported (public and private)
Media Timestamps Supported
Sticker Packs Supported Supported
Themes Supported
Backgrounds Supported
UI Languages Supported
Business Catalogs Supported
Other Options and Features Wide support Minimal support Minimal support
Ecosystem Embedding Content
Messages of Public Channels/Groups Supported
Info About Public Chat Supported Supported
Badges / Share Buttons Supported (with granular configuration and own options) Limited support
Ecosystem Users Volunteer Support
Via Telegram Support Initiative Unavailable Unavailable
Extra Settings General
Changing and Viewing Previous Profile Photos Supported (including option to look for images on the web) Changing only (import from social networks is supported) Changing only
Changing and Viewing Profile Videos Yes, with extended editing, in particular using editor on macOS
Changing Name Supported Supported Supported
Creation/Changing Username Supported
Changing Phone Number Supported Supported Supported
Changing Description About Yourself Supported Description is not supported Supported (description is mandatory)
Backup/Recovery Via comprehensive cloud sync Supported (including frequency configuration) Supported (including configuration of frequency, network and adding video)
Restoring Default Settings Only for separate groups of settings Supported Only for separate groups of settings
Deleting Account Supported (from website) Supported Supported
Extra Settings Notifications and Sound
Controlling Notifications By Chat Types Supported (private chats, groups, channels) Limited support within Android 8.0 settings Supported (chats, groups)
Support for Notification Exceptions For each chat type with support for their quick clearing Limited support within Android 8.0 settings Via separate chats settings
Configuration of Parameters Showing text, LED color, vibration, pop-up notifications, sound and priority Showing text, pop-up notifications, sound, screen light, unlocking for pop-up notifications Sound, vibration, pop-up notifications, LED color, quick overview of important notifications
Calls Control Changing type of vibration and ringtone Enabling/disabling vibration, changing ringtone Changing type of vibration and ringtone
Badge Counter Settings Displaying, taking into account chats without notifications, number of messages
In-App Notifications Availability of sound, vibration, messages text, sounds in chats, priority Availability of sound (in chats) Sound in chats
Events Notifications Joining of contact to Telegram, pinned messages Joining of contact to Viber Changing chat encryption code (disabled/enabled)
Showing Icon In Notification Bar Only when notifications arrived Enabled/disabled Only when notifications arrived
Restarting App In Case of Closing Supported (for reliable notification receiving)
Background Connection Supported (for reliable notification receiving)
Repeating Notifications Supported
Resetting Chats' Notifications Settings Supported Supported
Extra Settings Privacy and Security
Blocking Users Supported Supported Supported
Visibility of Phone Number To all, you contacts, nobody Configuration is not supported Configuration is not supported
Finding by Phone Number Everybody, your contacts (learn more) Configuration is not supported (everybody) Configuration is not supported (everybody)
Viewing Last Seen/Online Status All, your contacts, nobody Limited support, configuring online status is possible once a day All, your contacts, nobody
Viewing Message Reading Status Not supported, read message is shown as read to collocutor Supported Enabled/disabled
Viewing Profile Status Your contacts; your contacts except for; only share with
Viewing Profile Description Configuration is not supported All, your contacts, nobody
Viewing Profile Picture All, your contacts Supported All, your contacts, nobody
Forwarding Your Messages All, your contacts, nobody
Receiving Calls From all, your contacts or nobody Configuration is not supported Configuration is not supported
Peer-to-Peer Calls With all, with your contacts, with nobody Enabled/disabled
Adding to Groups All, your contacts All, your contacts All, your contacts, nobody
Sending Voice/Video Messages All, your contacts, nobody (Premium)
Exceptions Support For all rules: from phone number to groups Configuration is not supported For online status, last seen, profile photo, about and status
Adding Groups to Exceptions Supported
Hiding New Chats From Non-Contacts Disabled/enabled (turns off notifications and archives such chats)
Location Data Sharing Status Is shown in notification panel Supported
Passcode Lock Supported (as PIN or password), it's possible to unlock with fingerprint; flexible auto-lock, notification contents' control are available PIN only (on Viber Desktop) Solely via fingerprint with notification contents' control and mandatory auto-lock
Hidden Chats Limited to configuration of archived chats Changing, resetting PIN, Touch ID support for iOS Limited to configuration of archived chats (without passcode protection)
Clearing Trusted Contacts Trusted contacts are not supported Supported (adding contacts takes place in calls) Trusted contacts are not supported
Two-Step Verification Supported Supported (6-digit PIN only)
Active Sessions Control Extended control with real-time information and permissions Basic control Basic control
Deleting Cloud Drafts Supported
Automated Account Deletion Settings Supported
Configuration of Identity Confirmation Service Available (all Telegram Passport settings)
Clearing Payment and Shipping Info Supported
Control of Web Authorizations via Messenger Supported
Deleting Synced Contacts Supported
Contact Sync Enabled/disabled (cloud sync) Enabled/disabled (sync with phone) Configuration is not supported
Showing All Contacts Not supported (there's no point to do this within Telegram) Enabled/disabled Not supported (there's no point to do this within WhatsApp)
Frequent Contacts Suggestions Enabled/disabled
Secret Chats: Map Preview Provider Preview from Telegram, Google or disabled Configuration is not supported
Secret Chats: Link Previews Disabled/enabled Configuration is not supported
Connecting Account to Social Networks Absent (privacy threat) Supported for communication with friends (Facebook, Twitter), who have Viber account Absent (so far)
Account Report Via extended data export Supported
Analyst Collection Absent, Telegram doesn't collect excessive information about you Enabled/disabled Absent (so far)
Content Personalization Absent, Telegram doesn't collect excessive information about you Enabled/disabled Absent (so far)
Accurate Location Detection for Service and Partners Location is not disclosed to third-parties Disabled/enabled Location is not disclosed to third-parties
Extra Settings Data and Storage
Storage Usage: Media Retention Period Forever, month, week or 3 days For video and voice messages during 14 days (enabled/disabled)
Storage Usage: Cache Size Limit Supported
Storage Usage: Clearing Cache Available by content types (it's possible to clear individual channels from context menu) Video and voice messages only Available by chats, often forwarded messages or content > 5 MB
Storage Usage: Clearing Local Data Supported
Storage Usage: Quick Memory Monitoring Available Available (Android, iOS)
Data Usage: Connection Types Mobile, Wi-Fi, roaming General statistics, roaming
Data Usage: Data Types Photos, videos, voice/video messages, files, calls, messages and other data, total Calls, media, Google Drive, messages, status, total
Data Usage: Statistics Number/volume/duration of incoming/outcoming data by previous classification Volume of incoming/outcoming data by previous types
Data Usage: Resetting Statistics Supported Supported
Storage Path Internal storage/SD card (Android)
Automatic Media Download: Connection Types Mobile data, Wi-Fi, roaming Mobile data, Wi-Fi Mobile data, Wi-Fi, roaming
Automatic Media Download: Preliminary Configuration Automatic download enabled/disabled, traffic usage coefficient Enabled/disabled
Automatic Media Download: Smart Configuration of Usage Coefficient Supported (based on peculiarities of different countries' mobile rates)
Automatic Media Download: By Data Types Photo, Video, Files Photo, Audio, Videos, Documents
Automatic Media Download: By Chat Types Choice for separate data types
Automatic Media Download: Videos Max size, preloading of first seconds for large videos Configuration is not supported Configuration is not supported
Automatic Media Download: Files Max size, preloading next track (for audio) Configuration is not supported Configuration is not supported
Auto-play For GIFs, videos and video messages For videos
Streaming For videos, video messages and audio files
Using Less Data for Calls Only while roaming, only on mobile data, always, never Setting is missing Disabled/enabled
Mobile Data Economy As a part of smart configuration as well as Telegram architecture optimizations Supported
Quick Text Responses 4 preliminary choices with an option to change them with your own Configuration is not supported Configuration is not supported
iOS Share Sheet Configuration Supported Configuration is not supported Configuration is not supported
Choosing Browser To Open Links Supported (iOS) Configuration is not supported Configuration is not supported
Wi-Fi Sleep Policy Configuration is not supported Always connected/use device settings Configuration is not supported
Proxy Configuration: Usage Settings Yes/no, use proxy for calls (yes/no) Configuration is not supported
Proxy Configuration: Adding New Ones Supported, proxies of SOCKS5 and encrypted MTProto types Supported, of different types
Extra Settings Chats and Calls Settings
Creation of New Themes With configuration of dozens of parameters and support for gradients
Creation and Changing Backgrounds With advanced configuration Changing backgrounds only Changing backgrounds only
Changing Messages Text Size Supported (with size indication) Supported (small, average, big)
Changing App Icon Supported
Changing Theme Supported (in particular standard themes), with accent colors changing Dark theme, dark-blue theme Dark theme
Changing Message Corner Radius Supported Configuration is not supported Configuration is not supported
Chat List View Changing a number of text lines Configuration is not supported Configuration is not supported
In-App Browser Support Enabled/disabled Available Configuration is not supported
Choosing The Default Browser To Open Links Supported (iOS) Configuration is not supported Configuration is not supported
Direct Share To choose recent chats in Android share menu
UI Animations Enabled/disabled Configuration is not supported Configuration is not supported
Raise to Speak Enabled/disabled Configuration is not supported Configuration is not supported
Sending by Enter Disabled/enabled Disabled/enabled Disabled/enabled
Saving to Gallery Disabled/enabled for users, groups and channels Disabled/enabled (Android) Enabled/disabled
Distance Units Automatic, kilometers, miles
Stickers and Masks: Suggesting Stickers by Emoji All, your sets, none Configuration is not supported Configuration is not supported
Stickers and Masks: Loop Animated Stickers Enabled/disabled
Stickers and Masks: Viewing Trending Stickers Supported (with possibility to add them) Via store
Stickers and Masks: Stickers Viewing, changing sequence, archiving and deletion Viewing, changing sequence and deletion Viewing, changing sequence and deletion
Stickers and Masks: Masks Viewing, changing sequence, archiving and deletion
Accepting Cellular Calls Not supported (it contradicts security approach) Enabled/disabled via Viber-In Calls Not supported (it contradicts security approach)
Receiving Business Messages Absent Enabled/disabled Enabled by default, to disable you have to block users
Messages Translation Within translation bots' settings Supported (choosing language)
Editing Screenshots Before Sending Supported (via integrated editor) Disabled/enabled Supported (via integrated editor)
Chats Export Flexible and controlled export of all or individual chats into JSON/HTML (on Telegram Desktop) Basic export of chats Basic export of chats
Archiving All Chats By selecting chats to be archived from chat list Supported
Clearing/Deleting Chats Supported for several chats (via their selection) Clearing all personal messages Clearing or deleting all chats, except for groups or all messages
Accepting Video Calls In scope of calls privacy settings Enabled/disabled Configuration is not supported
Using Proximity Sensor Option is missing (enabled by default) Enabled/disabled Option is missing (enabled by default)
Spell Check Supported (Telegram Desktop)
Extra Settings Changing Language
With Option to Choose It Supported Supported System language only (for certain countries it's possible to choose one of few languages)

Translation updated: 12 of August, 2022

Translation author: JayXT